Deliver Your Best Wedding Speech (Share this with anyone giving a toast!)

Wham!! Unannounced to you, you have been asked by someone that truly cares about you to be their best man and/ or maid of honor. One of the best gifts you can give to them is a great speech. We have filmed close to 175 Weddings and have seen all kinds of speeches. Please take 5 minutes, scroll below, read “How to deliver a great speech” and make this couple’s day!  Please don’t blow it lol. Give it a little bit of effort. I actually heard someone say to start a toast, “I hate speeches and wrote this out this morning as I was hung over.”  I sit through hours of toasts. Not on just the day of the wedding, but hours in the edit room cutting and fixing them. There are toasts that are too long, toasts that are horribly inappropriate. Toasts that fall flat…..and occasionally, very rarely, like as often as I slam dunk a basketball, I hear a toast that BLOWS ME AWAY. 

First: Watch this short film and have fun!

Second: Scroll below and click on “How to Deliver Your Best Speech” Print it out and read it.

Third: Scroll Below and print out “How To Deliver Your Best Speech Outline” and work on your speech!

This video we made does not have any color grading or audio editing. Watch our films and see the difference!