Outline: How to deliver your best Speech

Print this and let’s fill in the blanks!

Please read the link above this one “How To Deliver Your Best Speech” first, now let’s fill in these sections!!

1. The Hook- (This is not about you) The Dj already introduced you! You don’t have to.

________ is

Tonight you will learn why_______ is

The best story I have about ___________ is

2. The Background- Punch up the context and keep it short! What is the best memory / or story about _____________ Write it down here and don’t skimp on sensory descriptors.

3) 1-2-3 Punch -This is the body, sensory elements, punch line, tie it in) Tell the story! Embarrassing but, appropriate. Reference audience members, Punch line, tie in

4) The Clink -Thank, Congratulate, Bring in the audience

Walla! You are done. You are going to do fantastic!